Upcoming Webinar Hosted by AGT

September 17, 1 pm Eastern

Topic: Evaluating the Genomics Advisor: How effective is a digital decision aid for incidental findings?


  • Yvonne Bombard, PhD, Associate Professor at the University of Toronto and Scientist at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute at St. Michael’s Hospital



Genome sequencing promises to optimize healthcare through personalized diagnosis and treatment. However, implementation of genome sequencing faces challenges including the lack of consensus on disclosure of incidental results, gene changes unrelated to the disease under investigation, but of potential clinical significance to the patient and their provider. Current recommendations encourage clinicians to return medically actionable incidental results and stress the importance of education and informed consent. Given the shortage of genetics professionals and genomics expertise among healthcare providers, digital tools such as decision aids (DAs) can help fill a critical gap in the clinical delivery of genome sequencing. This presentation presents the development a digital DA developed for selection of incidental results and results of a trial to assess its comparative effectiveness for clinical adoption.

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