Education Program

Make plans to join us June 21-July 1 in Louisville, KY!

2021 Annual Meeting





Sunday, June 27

Pre-conference workshops
AGT Business Meeting


Monday, June 28

Welcome and Opening Keynote
Concurrent Sessions, Industry Partner Engagement, Posters, Networking Opportunities


Tuesday, June 29

Concurrent Sessions, Industry Partner Engagement, Posters, Networking Opportunities


Wednesday, June 30

Concurrent Sessions, Industry Partner Engagement, Posters, Networking Opportunities
Closing Keynote
AGT Awards Presentation






Monday, June 28

Concurrent Sessions

Tuesday, June 29

Concurrent Sessions

Wednesday, June 30

Concurrent Sessions


There will be multiple topics offered during each concurrent session block (1 hour each). The topics will be on various topics related to Laboratory Science. All sessions are open to AGT, ASCLS, and SAFMILS members. Check back soon for full session list.





Here are some of the exciting presentations planned for 2021!

 Session Dates and Times – TBA

*Specific session titles may be adjusted.

Precision Medicine and the Role of Next Generation Sequencing Technology in Myeloid Malignancies


The Importance of Cytogenomic Tools for the Prognosis and Teratment of Hematological Malignanices


Hematologic Next Generation Sequencing


Gene Editing and CRISPR Technolgoy


Biochemical Genetics


What is ddPCR?


CLL: Genetic Information Directing Care


Crispr-Cas9 Genome Editing for Hematological Diseases: Where are We Now


The Role of Napa Gene in the Biology of NEural Stem / Progenitor Cells in Fetal Neurogenesis


Implementation and Validation of Optical Genome Mapping for the Clinical Lab


Clinical Utility of NanoString Gene Fusion Panel to Detect Actionable Gene Fusions / Rearrangements in Fresh and Formalin-fixed Parafinn-embedded Cancer Specimens


Ethics discussions


Safety discussion


Educational discussions


And So Much More…..



Note:  All sessions are open to AGT and ASCLS members. All registrants can access all presentations up to 30 days after the live conference.



* Specific workshop titles may be adjusted.

Clinical Application of How to Write ISCN
FISH Troubleshooting
Basic Topic in Molecular Genetics
Advanced Topic in Molecular Genetics