The Association of Genetic Technologists (AGT) offers two awards each year, the Student Research Award and the Outstanding Achievement Award. Additionally, the Foundation for Genetic Technology (FGT) sponsors a number of additional awards, scholorships, and grants for educators, technologists, and students. 

AGT Student Research Award

Student members enrolled in approved cytogenetics or molecular programs are invited to submit abstracts for the Student Research Award. This award is presented to the recipient at each year’s Annual Meeting of the Association of Genetic Technologists. The entries are submitted via the Abstract Submission Portal, for evaluation by a panel of Association members. The winner is selected by this panel based on a scored evaluation of the submitted abstracts. All other qualifying participants are invited to present a poster at the annual meeting. Abstract submission guidelines can be found here. Abstract submission deadline is March 12, 2021. 


  • Individuals enrolled in a NAACLS “Serious Applicant Status” or “Approved” graduate, undergraduate or certificate program in Cytogenetics or Diagnostic Molecular Science (U.S. Programs) are eligible to submit abstracts for the award. Individuals enrolled in a Canadian Society of Laboratory Technology approved graduate, undergraduate or certificate program in Cytogenetics or Molecular Genetics (Canadian programs) are also eligible to submit abstracts for the award. Students attending formal graduate, undergraduate or certificate programs outside of the United States and Canada will be eligible if the program is recognized at the national level of the country in which the program is located. Applicants MUST be enrolled sometime between May 1 of the previous year and the date of AGT Annual Meeting. Eligible applicants must not have graduated prior to May 1 of the previous year.
  • Applicants must be active members of the Association of Genetic Technologists. Information regarding AGT membership is available from your program director or the AGT Executive Office.
  • The applicants are required to be the first author on the abstract.
  • The applicant and a program official will be required to validate that the research was conducted prior to graduation from the program, the applicant was the primary investigator, and the abstract submitted is the work of the applicant.
  • Applications will be published in the Fourth Quarter and First Quarter issues of the Journal of the Association of Genetic Technologists and posted on this web site.


  • A purpose for the experiment or investigation where the scientific merit or contribution is stated.
  • A hypothesis, which may be incorporated into the purpose, but should be appropriate for the purpose.
  • The scientific methods that are appropriate to the investigation, concise and organized.
  • The data resulting from the investigation/experiment should be concise, specific and organized.
  • The interpretation should be consistent with the data.
  • The conclusions should be consistent with the data and interpretation. They may be intertwined with the interpretation, but should include the need for further investigation or suggest how other variables may influence the results or further elucidate the hypothesis addressed.
  • References should be used when appropriate.


  • The winner will be awarded up to $1,500 in defined expenses to attend the AGT Annual Meeting.
  • The recipient will be invited to present his/her research in a platform presentation.
  • All other participants will be invited to do a poster presentation

AGT Outstanding Achievement Award

The Outstanding Achievement Award was created to recognize those who are committed to furthering the field of genetics as demonstrated by their work, attitude and AGT activities. If you have a colleague who performs above and beyond the call of duty, nominate him or her for the AGT Outstanding Achievement Award. Nominations deadline is March 12, 2021.


  1. The nominee works as or has worked as a genetic technologist (this does not include post-doctoral fellowships).
  2. Current membership in AGT.
  3. Current certification in cytogenetics, molecular genetics or biochemical genetics (CLSp(CG), CLSp(MB), RT(CG) or the equivalent).
  4. A letter from the nominee stating accomplishments and contributions to the field of genetic technology with reference to the award criteria. The letter should state specifically how the nominee’s expertise and contributions have furthered genetic technology.
  5. Two letters of support from individuals familiar with the nominee’s accomplishments.
  6. Copies of relevant publications authored by the candidate (maximum of five).
  7. A current resume.

FGT Awards, Scholorship, and Grant Options


FGT offers a number of award, scholarship, and grant options to educators, technologists, and students. Click on each of the following to learn more about the award criteria and gain access to the application form. Applications are due by April 17.