For Attendees

The 2018 AGT Annual Meeting in Tampa, FL has been canceled. AGT will hold a Buisness Meeting in 2018. Moving forward AGT will hold an Annual Business Meeting and Biennial Conference, beginning in 2019. 


AGT 2018 Annual Business Meeting

AGT helds its 2018 Annual Business Meeting on Tuesday, June 19 from 10:00 am – 11:00 am EST in a virtual format.

Meeting Agenda

I. Opening remarks from the AGT President
II. Introduction of the 2017-2018 AGT Board of Directors
III. Approval of the 42nd Annual Business Meeting Minutes
IV. Updates from 2018 and changes for 2019
V. Treasurer report and budget review
VI. Council of Representative introductions and updates
VII. Introduction of 2018-2019 new Board of Directors
VIII. Closing remarks from the AGT President


AGT is your organization and we want you to be informed regarding current and future Association endeavors. Please plan to attend to hear from your AGT Officers and Represenatives regarding the latest AGT updates.


Other Opportunities

Consider attending an FGT sponsored regional conference.

  • 2018 Gulf Coast Regional Genetics Conference – June 1 – 2 in Tampa, FL
  • 2018 Southwestern Regional Genetics Meeting – September 20-21 in Alpharetta, GA.

Visit the FGT Activities page for registration and details.