The Association of Genetic Technologists:

The Organization for Cytogenetic & Molecular Professionals


AGT announces open positions for election in 2019.  All nominees must be AGT members in good standing. 

The deadline for nominations is April 15, 2019.


Term of Office: 4 years

Qualifications and Duties:  This position requires organizational skills, good verbal and written communication skills, and a sincere interest in AGT and its members. Nominees must have served either on the Board of Directors or Council of Representatives. 

The first two years as President-Elect provide a learning phase as assistant to the President in office.  In the third and fourth years, as Chief Executive Officer of AGT, the major responsibilities are: 

  1. organizing and directing Board of Directors’ meetings;
  2. communicating regularly with Board members regarding finances, projects and policies; and,
  3. working with AGT’s Executive Office to ensure deadlines and contractual obligations are met.  If elected, travel to the annual meeting of the Board of Directors is required at your expense.



Term of Office: 3 years

Qualifications and Duties:  The position of Director requires good organizational skills and an ability to coordinate duties and deadlines with AGT’s Executive Office.

Works with the Executive Office, the Annual Meeting Director, and Annual Meeting Committee to plan an annual meeting program. Responsibilities include developing the meeting content and schedule in accordance with the needs of the membership; enlisting speakers for scientific sessions and for workshops; developing an exhibitor prospectus and recruiting vendors and sponsors accordingly; arranging marketing and publicity to promote the meeting; and coordinating social events. The Annual Meeting Co-Director actively serves as a point-of-contact for speakers, exhibitors, and attendees throughout the meeting. Candidates should have a broad network of contacts in cytogenetics and molecular genetics laboratories. Candidates should be regular attendees of the AGT Annual Meeting and should be familiar with the educational needs of the organization.

    • The position of 2020 Annual Meeting Co-Director requires good organizational and communication skills. In addition, an ability to coordinate duties and deadlines with the Annual Meeting Director and with AGT’s Executive Office is imperative. The 2020 Meeting Co-Director will co-chair the 2020 and 2021 Annual Meetings and will chair the 2022 Annual Meeting.  If elected, travel to the annual meeting of the Board of Directors is required at your expense.


Apply online no later than April 15, 2019.