Regional Events

 FGT sponsors two regional meetings a year: one on the East ​coast​ in the fall and the other on the West coast in the spring.  AGT members, watch your email and check back on the website for information on upcoming dates and how to register.​

Study Guides

FGT offers two study guides for BOC and state licensure exams – one for cytogenetics and one for molecular genetics. These are both available for purchase.


 FGT Cytogenetics Study Guide

Over 250 pages of study materials prepared by cytogenetic educators and certified technologists to help technologists review for BOC certification and state licensure exams in cytogenetic technology.

FGT Molecular Biology Study Guide
 Ninety-five pages of study materials prepared by directors of DNA diagnostic laboratories and a certified molecular technologist to help technologists review for the BOC certificate and state licensure exams in molecular biology (DNA diagnostic technology)

Contribute to FGT

FGT survives soley on donations, contributions and sponsorships. The funds are used exclusively to promote education in genetic technology through improvement of public understanding regarding the nature of such technology and provision of professional opportunities for training through grants, scholarships and awards.

If you would like to contribute to FGT, please complete the Contribution Form and return it as indicated.